Why is Bible class so important?

We love it when people come to visit us for services. We’re glad you chose to worship with us. But, if all a person gets is just one lesson during services every week, then he or she just isn’t getting enough nourishment.

Think of it like the growth of a tree. A tree requires sunlight and carbon dioxide to survive, but it also needs water, and the only way the tree can get that water is by sending down roots into the soil. Those roots don’t just provide life-giving water, they also serve as an anchor for that tree, to keep it from easily being uprooted by the elements of the world.

We look at Bible study the same way. The only way a Christian can really understand God’s truth is if they open up the divinely-inspired word of God and commit themselves to not just reading it, but relating it to their lives. Like a tree needing to grow and mature, the man or woman of faith needs a good, firm foundation, solid roots to pull in the water of life and to keep themselves steadfast and unshakable. Take a look to see what we have to offer to help you.

Sunday Bible Class.jpg

sunday bible class

From toddlers to adults and every stage of life in between, there are Bible classes immediately before worship services every Sunday morning. Start the day of worship off right by participating in these Bible studies taught by committed and engaging teachers with years of experience and knowledge.


Wednesday night bible class

The week can grind you down. We all need that midweek boost. We offer Wednesday night Bible class for all ages, so keep your week going right. Currently, Charles Bellows is facilitating a study of Paul’s letters to the church in Corinth, some in and participate in class discussions of Scripture how it relates to our lives today.

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online bible class

Some of us have busy schedules and can’t make it to class. Some of us want to supplement what we’ve learned or ask more questions. Whatever the reason, we can help. We offer online courses that you can take at your own leisure through the World Bible School’s Connect service. Click below to enroll today!